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NCSR «Demokritos», Building Scholis, Ag. Paraskevi Attikis, 15310

Tel. +301- 210-6503962 E-mail: nmrlab"at"chem.demokritos.gr


 Scientists in Charge:

Dr. K. Yannakopoulou (Institute of Physical Chemistry, 301-2106503796),

Dr. M. Pelecanou (Institute of Biology, 301-210-6503555),


Dr. L. Leondiadis (IRRP, 301-210-6503610).


Technical Scientist:

Dr. A. Panagyotopoulou (301-210-6503555).



The NMR laboratory is equipped with a BRUKER AVANCE DRX 500 MHz with two multinuclear broadband probes (inverse BBI and direct BBO) and a BRUKER AC 250 MHz with a dual probe (1Η /13C). Both instruments are dedicated for liquid samples.


Routine experiments

1D (1Η, 13C, 15Ν, 31P), 2D (homo- and heteronuclear correlation spectra). through one or multiple bonds). Other experiments can be done after personal communication.



The laboratory accepts samples of users in the private and public sector. Charging of services is based on the following:


  Charge per hour ()
   NMR 250 Mhz  NMR 500 Mhz  
   1st hour extra hour  1st hour  extra hour    
  1 0,5 2 1  IPC, IB, IRRP NCSR "D"  
  2 0,5 4 1  Other Institutes NCSR "D"  
  5* 1* 20 6  Public Sector  
  10* 2* 40* 10*  Private Sector  
  *Does not include overheads 15% and taxes 19%    


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